Päävirtakytkin sähköinen- tehorele 12V / 130A


  • Elektroninen päävirtakatkaisija
  • Compact design.
  • High degree of corrosion protection due to use of glass-fiber-reinforced polyamide for baseplate and cap.
  • High degree of protection against splash water thanks to drip rim between cap and baseplate.
  • Leakage-current barriers in baseplate.
  • Designed-in ventilation by means of “labyrinth”.
  • Option of “heavy duty” version with tungsten leading contact.

Automotive applications:

  • Load-reducing relay for switches.
  • Operating relay for starting motors.
  • Switch-on relay for hydraulic assemblies, slowers and heaters for the passenger compartment, engine-cooling fans.
  • Pre-heating device for diesel starting systems.
  • Motor relay for antilock braking system (ABS).
  • Battery cutoff relay.

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